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Obviously styled after the ever-famous Zallinger Mural, we have Mr. Allo--all too often overshadowed by T-Rex (and, since Jurassic Park III's release, Spinosaurus). However, Marx was known for producing figures of the 'underdogs' in Dino-World, if you will...
Allosaurus, formerly known as Antrodemus, was the top predator of his time. Allosaurus means 'different lizard', whereas Antrodemus meant 'nightmare dragon' (a much cooler name, if you ask me--and a lot more accurate). However, the name Antrodemus is known as a nomen dubium, meaning that too little fossil material was found to make a proper classification of an animal. In fact, only part of a tail vertebrae was found at first, when Joseph Leidy named Antrodemus in 1870. Othniel C. Marsh gave the animal its now better-known name in 1877, based on a lot more fossil material, including a partial skeleton found in Colorado.
Marx's Allosaurus figure is a rather 'cute' rendition of the voracious predator from the late Jurassic. Newer renditions are much more convincing (and sometimes terrifying--but he was the Bad Boy of his time, y'understand). The Carnegie Safari Allosaurus is one such example.
When the Marx figures were originally manufactured in the 1950s and 1960s, they chose drabber, more subtle colors for their figures. However, in the 70s, they began to get a little more daring, and we started to see blues, yellows, reds and other lovely hues. Lovely, if not less realistic...but hey, it was the 70s. People had a love affair with gaudy, bright colors then. I know about this. I still have my rainbow-colored Mork from Ork suspenders somewhere in the depths of my storage area...
Uh, anyhow...
Below is a shot of two older gray Allos with the later blue 70s reissue:


Marx Allo was followed by a whole gaggle of knockoffs (like many of his cohorts), as you can see in the picture below. From left to right: An Allo from a bagged Wal-Mart dino set; Ja-Ru; MPC; Marx.


Meaning: "Other" or "Different" Lizard
Length: Up to 38'
Diet: Meat
Time Period: Late Jurassic (154-144 m.y.a.)
Location: Western North America, Australia

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Suggested Sources
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