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Here is Marx's second release of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Perhaps Marx decided to put Potbelly on a diet...
Tyrannosaurus v.2 was part of the "revised" mold group, introuced in 1964. He is in a much more dynamic pose (I can't help but imagine him with a pair of ice skates on, actually) than his earlier counterpart. I suspect that he may have been influenced, at least a little, by the drawing by Charles Knight (a famous early 20th century paleo-artist).


Below: Comparisons of T-Rexes 1 and 2 (click to enlarge):



Tyrannosaurus Rex
Meaning: "Tyrant King"
Length: 40' long
Diet: Meat
Time Period: Late Cretaceous (85-65 m.y.a.)
Location: North America and Canada