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Stumpy, barrel-chested Moschops is another non-dinosaurian member of the Marx family. A late Permian Dinocephalian, Moschops was an herbivore, despite his ferocious appearance. 'Dinocephalian' means 'terrible head' and refers to the thickness of these animals' skulls. Moschops himself had a four-inch thick noggin, and it is believed that he competed regularly in head-butting contests, much like modern bighorn sheep.
Robert Broom discovered Moschops in 1911 (Broom was actually better known for finding hominid fossils).
The Marx Moschops is a very good representation of this animal, in my humble opinion. Take a look at any picture of Moschops in a contemporary book, or while surfing the web, and compare to this figure--I think you'll agree with me. The detail is superb, right down to his toothy 'grin.'
Like Cynognathus and Sphenacodon, you just don't see a lot of Moschops included in prehistoric playsets. Tootsietoy's line of large, hollow plastic figures included one, but that's about it for this guy. Who knows? We may see one in the near future from Carnegie or Bullyland...or we can always hope, anyhow.

Meaning: "Calf Eye"
Length: 16'
Diet: Plants
Time Period: Late Permian
Location: South Africa