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Marx is probably the reason that so many dinosaur playsets include cavemen. That, and The Flintstones, of course. It's probably pretty safe to assume that most kids think that cavemen hunted dinosaurs--largely due to the fact that this is the impression given by pop culture.
I know I thought cavemen and dinos lived side by side for the longest time...that is, until I became a full-fledged dino-nerd (at about age 6), and it became quite pleasurable for me to correct people who were in the wrong about this issue.
It's pretty apparent that Marx's cave dudes are representative of Homo neanderthalensis, better known to us as Neanderthal Man. They are quite a good representation, and as you can see in the pictures, a lot of attention was paid to detail. Too often human figures of this scale have a "mushy look" to their faces, but Marx's cavemen have very clear, distinct features.
Five poses seem to have been available here. Mine are cream-colored, but several earth-tone colors were available throughour the years. I don't think Marx ever produced them in atomic colors like MPC did (I think of a set of bright red MPC cave guys I have at home that look like they fell into some volcanic lava or something).

Closeup showing detail.

Caveman (Neanderthal Man)
(Homo neanderthalensis)
Meaning: After the Neander Valley, in Germany, where the "first" remains were found
Height: Males (avg.): 5'6" Females: 5'-5'2"
Diet: Meat and plants
Time Period: Middle Paleolithic Period (230,000 to 29,000 y.a.)
Location: Europe, Western Asia

Wikipedia: Neanderthal.