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Trachodon has been the subject of much confusion in the world of paleontology. I have read numerous documents on Trachodon, and am still pretty dumbfounded by it all.
In short, Trachodon has been pretty much thrown out by most pros as a defunct genus. There is a good explanation on this site, that goes into a lot of detail about our buddy Trachy. Basically, he is now known as Anatotitan (which means "Giant duck").
Back in Marx's heyday, however, ol' Trachy was still accepted as a type of dino, and he appears alongside his late Cretaceous cohorts in the ever famous Zallinger mural, labeled Trachodon.
There were actually two different versions of Marx's Trachodon--the early version had his right hand pointing downward; the second version held the right paw up a little higher. You can see the difference in the pictures to the right.

Meaning: "Rough Tooth "
Length: 40' long
Diet: Plants
Time Period: Late Cretaceous (77-73 m.y.a.)
Location: North America and Canada

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