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Pteranodon was a crested, flying reptile, or pterosaur, from the Cretaceous Period. Scientists are still debating about whether to class this guy as a dinosaur, but most sources I have come across don't. However, both pterosaurs and dinos evolved from a common ancestor from the late Triassic Period.
The first Pteranodon bones were discovered in 1870 by O.C. Marsh, but no complete skeletons of the animal were found. Several species of Pteranodon have been named, including Pteranodon ingens, Pteranodon longiceps, and Pteranodon sternbergi.
Marx's Pteranodon sits in a "perched" pose, rather than a flying one, making him a pretty cool figure. He's easier to work into diorama-type situations too, in my opinion (no messing around with fishing line or other materials to try to make him look like he's flying--just perch his butt on a rock and you're good to go!).

Meaning: "Winged and Toothless"
Length: 6'
Wingspan: 25-33'
Diet: Meat
Time Period: Cretaceous (85-75 m.y.a.)
Location: U.S.A. and England