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Smilodon (also known as the saber-toothed tiger), is the second most common fossil found at the famous La Brea Tarpits. Calling Smilodon a "tiger" isn't real accurate though, as these guys weren't closely related to tigers. "saber toothed cat" seems to be the name preferred by experts.
Smilodon was around in the late Pleistocene Epoch, and went extinct about 10,000 years ago.
The Marx Smilo is labeled as such, however, and is a decent looking figure (and again, modeled after Zallinger's painting). The pose is even pretty much the same as is depicted in the painting.
The saber-teeth, however, are kind of odd looking. They are stuck together almost rabbit-like, where they ought to be separated, at least a little.  But this is really the only downside of Smilodon. Otherwise, he is looking good.

Meaning: "Knife Tooth"
Length: 4-5' long
Diet: Meat
Time Period: Late Pleistocene
Location: North and South America

References Smilodon.