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Ankylosaurus was the Panzer of the Late Cretaceous. Armored from head to toe (save his rather vulnerable belly), this guy must have been quite a site lumbering around in the last few days of the dinos.
Barnum Brown gave this guy his name in 1908, and the creature is aptly named. Its whole topside was covered in large, thick plates fused into its tough skin.
Marx did a pretty good job on its Ankylo, I must say. Please note that this is a personal opinion; others would argue that he's inaccurate. Oh well. To me he doesn't seem particularly dated; pictures we see of this animal still pretty much resemble this figure. Plus he's just so darn cute! And yet again--we can't help but see that Zallinger influence.
As with all Marx dinosaurs, the later Ankylosauruses were made of a different looking type of plastic. The later plastic (ca. early 1970s-on) took on a more "waxy" look and feel, and was a bit lighter in color. As you see from the picture below, I have several examples of this figure, including a couple of the lighter, "waxy" guys. You'll probably notice that the detail isn't as well done on the later figures; this is gone into in depth by our buddy at Realm of Rubber Dinosaurs.

There also may be some done in funkier 70s-colors, but I don't own one of these (if they exist). Below are some more pictures of different colored Ankylos (the one in the middle that looks brown is actually a very dark grey. Cameras do funny stuff to the color of these things).
As with most of the other Marx-osaurs, Ankylosaurus has been knocked off many a time by various toy companies (see the last pic below).

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The Marx Allosaur alongside a later Ja-Ru copy.

Meaning: "Fused," "Stiff," or "Bent" Lizard
Length: 25-35'
Diet: Plants
Time Period: Late Cretaceous (70-65 m.y.a.)
Location: Western North America, Canada