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The Tertiaries
Shasta Sloth


Meet 'The Tertiaries,' a series of Prehistoric Mammals I have made using Sculpey polymer clay. I started this project in January of 2006. I had a hankering to make an Uintatherium out of clay, loosely basing it on the Zallinger Age of Mammals mural and also using the Starlux Uinta as a reference.

At first, he was going to be realistic, but the further along I got on him, I decided to turn him into a caricature of the animal. So when I stuck his eyes on, he got some sleepy, semi-goofy looking 'cartoony' eyes. The end result was good. I was inspired to make more.

Originally I was going to try to stick to the more obscure creatures here; ones that hadn't been done much. However, I did end up making a Brontops and a Megatherium (which have both been pretty commonly covered by various toy figure companies). I have gotten several requests for a mammoth too, but I am a little askeered of doing a mammoth--that's going to be quite a project.

Anyhow...the pages here feature the animals I have already done. More will be added as I make them, and hopefully after I make enough, I can construct some sort of diorama-thing here. I'd like to do the whole Zallinger scene, ya know, but I don't see that happening...